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Next-Gen Social Media Marketing Automation.

Never miss an engagement ever again with AI driven conversational marketing.

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Respond to DMs real time in a real way.

Your persona is available 24/7 to keep natural conversations going with your followers.

Here's how you build your persona.

Done in 10 minutes - no code required.

Step 1
Give it an identity.

Customize your AI like a video game character: pick a name, gender, even a hobby. Just answer some basic questions and then you’re done!

Step 2
Give it a personality.

Train your AI by responding to autogenerated scenarios in your desired voice. The AI will mimic how you write automatically.

Step 3
Give it a memory.

Give your AI all the knowledge it needs about you and your business by uploading your existing documents, no adjustment needed.

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Save time while not missing a single engagement.

Here are some things you can look forward to.

300+ hours

saved annually.

24/7 messaging

automated real time.

20% increase

in retention rate.

Check out our insane prices.

A customized plan to match your customized persona.

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Centralized Inboxcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Social Sellingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Comment Automationx markcheck markcheck mark
Action Sequencesx markcheck markcheck mark
Basic Analyticscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Smart Analyticsx markcheck markcheck mark
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We're here 24/7, just like our AI.

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