January 31, 2024
YouTube Animator Launches AI to Fan Discord and 400K+ Subscribers
New and Interactive Way to Bring Fictional Characters to Fans in Real-Time

Before this year, the only way for fans to engage with the content produced by their favorite artists, animators, and authors was to like, comment, and share. However, Sociable AI has been working with well-known YouTube animators like Little Ruby Rue to change that. By providing a quick, no-code way for creators to build their own custom AI bots, Sociable AI has been bringing beloved characters to fans in a brand new, interactive way through their app.

The Sociable AI Platform is our flagship app that allows anybody to build and integrate their own AI persona across their social media to chat with their fans. The app removes coding and hard-core prompting from the process and allows users to customize the identity, personality, behavior, and memory of their AI persona through simple forms, interactive role-play, and document uploads. Over the past couple of months, our team has interviewed dozens of creatives with heavy online presence to understand how the tool can be optimized to increase cross-platform fan engagement.

Youtube Animator Little Ruby Rue has been among the first creators to test out the app and AI persona with her beloved character, Blush. Blush was launched in early January to boost engagement in Little Ruby Rue’s Discord server, and has been driving member conversations and activity consistently since. Now, fans can do more than passively engage with her content, they can actively become part of her fictional universe and chat with the character that once only acted in her mind.

The launch of the Instagram integration also creates potential for creators to build a social media presence for the fictional characters of their works, unlocking fun conversation-based fan engagement and marketing strategies for their content that had previously been infeasible due to time, cost, and skill prerequisites.

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Kat Close
Product Designer, Sociable AI