February 8, 2024
Virtual Influencer Uses AI to Share Journey to Mars With 140K+ Instagram Followers
The Most Reliable Way for Virtual Influencers to Immerse Followers Across Social Media

Until recently, Virtual Influencers lacked one crucial tool to growing their audience: the ability to personally engage fans on social media. With limited options, the teams behind these rising personalities have been blocked by the time and cost required to process and organically respond to incoming messages and comments in character, creating a divide between them and their communities. One such influencer, Mono Mars, is showcasing how Virtual Influencers can use AI to bridge the gap between virtual characters and real fans through conversation by using the Sociable AI app.

Mono Mars, managed by CGTale, is a virtual robot with dreams of becoming an Astronaut. He has been actively building a loyal fan base on Instagram as he shares his preparations for an upcoming trip to Mars. To help immerse fans in this adventure, the CGTale team recently implemented Sociable AI’s service to let Mono Mars interact directly with fans and include them on this journey through live conversations in DMs and post comments. In the first month, Mono Mars has used his voice to autonomously share updates with 93 fans across 3980 total messages.

With several integrations available, there is even the opportunity to take the story across platforms. Currently Sociable AI supports Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and Discord integrations, with more on the way, giving virtual creators the ability to not just interact with more people but also build engaging interactive communities.

The Sociable AI Platform is our flagship app that lets anybody create and integrate a custom AI persona across their social media with out coding or prompting. The app also allows teams to track engagement analytics over time, to see how their fans are interacting with their AI. Over the past couple of months, we’ve tested our platform with over 300 users to ensure our platform helps them meet their account goals.

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Kat Close
Product Designer, Sociable AI